SEL Lesson Plans: Remote Learning Plans For Language Acquisition

If your SEL student is struggling with remote learning, SEL lesson plans can help you improve language acquisition, even when traditional lessons are not an option.

Here are some SEL lesson plans to improve language acquisition when learning in a non-traditional instruction model.

Language Exchange

SEL learners build language acquisition when it helps connect them to others. You can foster connections in a remote learning environment by connecting SEL students with parents, friends, and peers.

  • Translation Exchange: SEL lesson plans for language acquisition need to expose students to new words, syntactical patterns, and conventions. One way to achieve language acquisition in a remote learning environment is by creating a translation exchange with others. For instance, you can have SEL students exchange journals with a native speaker. This exchange can be facilitated via video conferencing, email, text messaging, or online word-processing programs. This SEL lesson plan can take many forms.
    • Exchange and Learn: For SEL students in the earliest stages of language development, having them read or listen can be a sufficient start. When reading or listening to the journal, encourage them to ask questions about words they might not understand. To assess their basic understanding of the text, prompt them to ask follow-up questions about the content discussed in the journal.
    • Exchange and Translate: For more advanced SEL learners, you can assign translation assignments. This can articulating or writing a synopsis of each journal entry in their native tongue or providing a line-by-line translation of each journal entry. To make this process more engaging and help build their skills, the SEL learner's journal should also be translated and discussed. 

Stream and Translate

For many SEL learners, streaming television shows and movies has been a staple of pandemic reality. Developing SEL lesson plans that tap into the reality of an SEL learner's daily reality can dramatically improve language acquisition. 

  • Review and Recap: Empowering SEL learners to enjoy their favorite shows and movies in their new language can be powerful and fun. One SEL lesson plan that's perfect for remote learning situations involves prompting students to review and recap their favorite shows or movies. This assignment can be completed individually or as a group. To improve an SEL learner's language acquisition begin each assignment with a new recapping or reviewing prompt. For instance, you can ask them to recap the show and discuss one aspect of the plot that they didn't quite understand or about their favorite character or performance.