Study At Sea Programs

An exchange program that involves studying abroad for a semester or longer may involve residing in one country and attending a local school. On the other hand, a study at sea program allows for a more enriching experience. This type of program involves spending time in many countries and learning about sea life and various cultures around the world.

Why Spend Time At Sea?

If you would like to enrich your child's education, enrolling them in a study at sea program can be life-changing. While at sea, your child will learn the importance of teamwork. They may be assigned certain duties while aboard a watercraft. They will even be provided the opportunity to observe sea life and absorb valuable information about the ocean's ecosystem.

When the ship that is transporting your child docks at various ports, your kid can exit the ship and explore the local area. Life skills, communication, cultural awareness, problem-solving, and independence are all introduced during a study at sea program. The experiences that your child will have may shape their personality and prepare them for their future.

How Should Your Student Sign Up?

There are many study at sea programs that are offered to high school and college students. Programs vary and may be held for different durations or feature different study and exploration styles. Research different programs and discuss the information with your child. There are programs that last anywhere from several weeks to a full year. The length of time that is spent at sea will likely influence how many countries are visited. The housing may include sleeping quarters on a boat or a bed at a campus that is located on land. Some programs may even feature both types of housing.

Enrollment will involve filling out an application, furnishing a copy of your student's transcript, and paying a deposit. Study at sea programs lists some prerequisites that a student must fulfill. A student's grades may need to meet specific criteria and they should have no prior behavior issues.

Each program director will outline how many students are eligible to attend a study at sea session. If your child is interested in a specific program and would like to attend it during a definitive semester or year, it is important to apply in advance. As a program fills up, new students will not be accepted. This will result in needing to wait until a subsequent semester or school year. Upon receiving approval to a program, a list of essential items that your child should pack for their trip at sea will be supplied.

For more information, reach out to a high school semester at sea program, such as A+ World Academy.