Is A Catholic School Right For Your Child?

Deciding where your child or teen will go to school is an important decision. Their school years are an important part of life and can shape much of their future. Plus, their school environment will stick out in their mind for many years to come. If you're still trying to figure out whether your almost–high schooler should attend a Catholic school or a public school program, you may be wondering how to go about making this choice. Keep reading to better understand if a Catholic school is right for your child.

Is Faith-Based Education Important to You?

If you want your child to value faith now and in the future, you may be wanting to choose a school that provides faith-based education. When you choose a Catholic high school, your child will experience faith-based learning as well as learning the regular curriculum that is in place.

What Are Your Goals?

As you look at school options, you'll want to consider what your goals are. What do you want to come from this experience for your child? How do you think this will shape their future? Make a list of goals and compare public school vs a private, Catholic school education and see which school choice will likely lead you and your child toward those goals. 

How Does Your Child Feel?

While you're the one who is in charge, you do also want to consider how your child or teen feels about the decision that you're about to make. If they're already in a private school program, talk to them about how they feel about it. If they've been attending a public school and you're thinking of making the switch, explain why you want to do so and then ask them to give of their thoughts. It's important to also consider your child's needs and feelings as you make this choice. Making the decision together can be a good idea, especially if your child is older and about to head to high school. 

What Do Other Families Think?

While you shouldn't make a decision solely on what another family or parent thinks, you should consider their thoughts on a specific school. As you begin to narrow down options, do talk to families with children who currently attend or who have attended the school you're about to choose. This can give you better insight.

Deciding whether your child will attend a private Catholic school is a big decision, but know that this kind of schooling can offer so many benefits and a great learning environment. 

To learn more, contact a school such as an all-girls Catholic school near you.