Answering Common Questions About Preschool

All children are required to attend elementary school, but before kindergarten, schooling is optional. As a parent, you have the right to decide whether or not to send your child to preschool. Learning about the positive benefits of preschool can help you decide if it's right for your child. Here are some common questions parents have when thinking about preschool:

1. Does your child have to be toilet trained?

Learning to use the toilet is a struggle every child must face at some point. Some kids have a harder time learning this lesson than others. If your child isn't fully toilet trained, you may be unsure if preschool is a viable option. Fortunately, many preschools are willing to work with kids who have occasional accidents. Preschool teachers are trained to deal with this situation, and they'll help your child in a kind, respectful way.

2. Will preschool damage the parent-child relationship?

When kids are around three or four years old, they are still highly dependent on their parents. This dependence is natural, and it can manifest as shyness around strangers. It's not uncommon for kids to cry when their parents are out of sight. Seeing your child cry can be distressing, and you may wonder if leaving your child at preschool is the right thing to do. However, most children stop crying soon after their parents leave. Going to school can help your child build confidence. This separation is good for kids, and it will not damage the special bond that exists between parents and children.

3. Will preschool impinge on your child's natural desire to play?

Kids are constantly learning. They have a lot of energy, and play is the primary way through which they experience the world. Play is very important for young kids. It teaches them cooperation and encourages them to use their imaginations. Preschool follows a class structure that will help your kids get ready for kindergarten. However, the class structure is loose because it keeps the needs of small children in mind. Your child will have plenty of opportunities to play alone and with peers. Their imagination will be encouraged in preschool.

4. Do children learn anything in preschool?

In preschool, kids learn lots of things that will aid them as they grow. Teachers will read age-appropriate books to students, which can pique their interest in literature. Your child will also be taught to name and identify letters and numbers, which is an important skill that they will build later.