3 Things You Can Expect From ICAP Online Courses

Kids spend the majority of their lives in school, striving toward their high school diploma. Many parents hope their children will continue attending school after graduation by pursuing higher education in college after high school. However, kids can feel lost as high school comes to an end. Without a solid plan, some children may not live up to their full potential. The Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) program can help.

ICAP courses help kids develop a plan for their academic and working lives. These courses can be completed online, which makes them highly accessible to students across the country. Here are three things you can expect from ICAP online courses:

1. Your child will be asked questions about their interests and achievements.

ICAP courses facilitate a self-discovery process. Your child must learn to uncover their own strengths and interests. Instructors will ask your child specific questions to help them discover what they love and what brings them joy. Your child may be asked what accomplishments they're most proud of. They will be asked about their favorite subjects in school. Over time, the answers to these questions can help kids decide where to focus their energies.

2. Your child will be introduced to educational and career opportunities.

In order to decide what they want, kids need to be aware of the options available. An ICAP online class can introduce your child to the many paths they can take following their high school graduation. Some students may want to attend a liberal arts university, while others may be happier in a trade school. Other students may prefer to join the workforce immediately by joining an apprenticeship program. There is no one life path that fits everyone. An ICAP online course will help guide your child toward the unique path that's right for them.

3. Your child will be taught self-discipline and time-management strategies.

Academic and career success requires discipline and perseverance. Kids are at an age where they're still developing these traits. An ICAP online course can help your child learn to manage their time better. Kids are often best motivated through rewards. An instructor may ask your child how they'd like to spend their free time, pointing out that they will have more free time if they complete their work in a timely manner. An ICAP course can cover various organizational techniques, like writing to-do lists and keeping day planners to ensure tasks are completed on time.

To learn more about how an ICAP program could benefit your child, contact an ICAP provider such as Education Alive, today!