The Top Questions About Private Schools You Need To Ask Before Enrollment

According to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), private schools serve 5.7 million children in preschool through grade 12 across the United States. If your child is ready to join the millions of students who attend these schools, take a look at what you need to ask before you choose a private program.  Does the School Offer a Pre-Enrollment Tour? There's only so much information a brochure can provide. While it's helpful to read about the school and talk to the staff, an in-person tour can give your family a better picture of the full educational environment. Read More 

Is A Catholic School Right For Your Child?

Deciding where your child or teen will go to school is an important decision. Their school years are an important part of life and can shape much of their future. Plus, their school environment will stick out in their mind for many years to come. If you're still trying to figure out whether your almost–high schooler should attend a Catholic school or a public school program, you may be wondering how to go about making this choice. Read More